Make your fitness habits stick – enjoy them

Have you ever uttered the words “I have to …..”  If you are saying these words it’s likely that whatever the task ‘fill in the blank’ is something that you aren’t really looking forward to.  If you are saying “I have to take out the rubbish” you know that it’s something you aren’t really excited about and also if you don’t do the task you have repercussions (overflowing smelly rubbish bins and nobody wants that!).   But what happens if you start saying “I have to go to the gym” or “I have to go for a run”, are you starting to put negative associations towards your fitness habits?  Are you then linking them to unwanted chores/tasks and pressures to achieve?

Task list

Why don’t you stop & think before you speak? Are you exercising to achieve a goal?  Are you exercising to be a great role model for your children? Are you exercising to feel more energised?  Are you exercising to have a better quality of life?   All of these reasons are great positive reasons to stick to your fitness habits & even look forward to doing them.

So are your fitness habits habits for the right reason, a motivating inspiring reason where you want to make time for you to achieve them?

Have you chosen fitness activities that you enjoy?

Enjoyment doesn’t have to mean its super easy, a challenge is great to – especially when you finish your challenge & feel that fabulous sense of achievement at the end.

So take some time to really find those inspirational goals, the goals that really resonate with you and chose fitness activities that you want to do.

And before you leave to start your fitness activity proudly say “I’m going to go …… and feel great!”



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