Shopping directly from the Farmers

Shopping with a conscience has become more popular with the benefits of talking to the growers, fresher produce & a wonderful feel good shopping atmosphere.

Farmers Markets are growing in both the number of markets available & people going to them for their grocery shop.  I have been shopping at Collingwood Children’s Farm Farmers Market  for at least the past 7 years, and it’s been very interesting watching the changes over the years – all for the positive (except the parking challenges due to so many shoppers!).

Farmers Market

Why go to a Farmers Market?

–          Fresh food that generally tastes better, and stays fresher longer

–          Food that is in season

–          Tips from the grower (cooking, storing, when best eaten)

–          Great community atmosphere

–          Varies the “shopping rut” of buying & cooking the same foods every week (which opens you to a variety of different nutirents)

Where are your local Farmers Markets?

There’s a whole list to choose from-

What do you need to bring?

–          Cash!

–          A trolley of some description is very helpful

–          Shopping bags

What can you buy there?

Each Farmers Market has a different variety of stalls but you can usually find:

–          Fresh vegetables

–          Fresh fruit

–          Meat (beef, chicken, lamb, venison)

–          Fish (smoked salmon & trout)

–          Dairy

–          Herbs & Spices

–          Pastries & Bread

–          Nuts & Dried Fruit

–          Pastas & Sauces

–          Jams & Sauces

–          Plants

–          Food to eat there- Breakfast/lunch/snacks & of course great coffee!!

FarmersMarket bounty

Want to read more?  Check out a great article “Buy direct and the food is fresher, the prices better, and the farmers happier”

Can’t seem to get to a Farmers market, don’t worry there’s now an online Farmers Market!!  Check out Farmhouse Direct:

See you at the Market!!


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